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The following steps are required to create a Visual Basic 6 application with TX Spell .NET 4.0 and TX Text Control ActiveX 20.0:

  1. Download the source code.
  2. Download and install the TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms trial version.
  3. Compile the ActiveX Package project.

    Open the project (AxTXSpell.vbproj) in Visual Studio 2010 and compile it using the Rebuild Solution menu entry of the Build main menu. Close Visual Studio again.

  4. Open the VB6 example

    Navigate to the installation folder and find the VB6 samples. Open the DialogAndContextMenu sample:

    C:\Program Files\Text Control GmbH\TX Spell .NET ActiveX Package\Samples\VB6\DialogAndContextMenu.

    Open the sample in Visual Basic 6.0 by double-clicking Project1.vbp. Press F5 to start the project.

    TX Spell .NET ActiveX Package installation
  5. To learn how to create new VB6 applications and how to add the reference to AxTXSpell.dll, please refer to the documentation.

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